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2018 - 10 - 17
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China's UWB visible light communication chipset comes out, the network speed is 10 times that of 5G

Release date: 2018-10-05

At the 1st China International Intelligent Industry Expo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of China's Visible Light Communication Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and Director of the National Digital Switching System Engineering Technology Research Center, Jie Jiangxing released the world's first commercial-grade UWB visible light communication chipset.

我国超宽带可见光通信芯片组问世 网速是5G通信的10倍

The audience is visiting the commercial grade UWB visible light communication chipset

The chipset has a transmission rate of up to 10 Gbps and is fully compatible with mainstream medium and high speed interface protocol standards. It can be used for indoor and home green ultra-wideband information networks, high-speed wireless data transmission, indoor ubiquitous positioning services, underwater high-speed wireless information transmission, and special area mobile. Visible light communication applications in the field of communications provide chip-level product technical support.

The launch of the world's first commercial-grade visible light communication chipset marks the era of China's visible light communication industry entering the ultra-wideband core chip of independent intellectual property rights. Academician Yan Jiangxing said that the launch of the dedicated chipset for visible light communication has broken the dilemma that the visible light communication industry has long been plagued by "no ultra-wideband dedicated chips", and has long been faltering the reverse of the visible light communication industry and application market, creating a virtual reality-based Functional smart home new services, with milestone significance.

Wu Lumu

Editor's Note: What is the concept of transmission rate 10Gbps?

"Visible light communication is 10GB, which is the core technology of ultra-wideband smart home information network. What is the concept of 10GB? We know that 5G mobile communication will provide a maximum communication rate of 1 G, and visible light is 10 times faster than it."

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