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2018 - 10 - 17
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China's communication antenna products have won the "passport" for international trade and lead the

Release date: 2018-10-14

Recently, the World Customs Organization headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, heard the news: China Customs' proposal "confirming the internationally harmonized product classification attribute for communication antenna products" was finally adopted with an overwhelming advantage of 33:4.

This Chinese customs classification expert uses international trade rules to win the world customs “passport” success stories for high-tech products independently researched and developed by ethnic enterprises, which means including Huawei, Jingxin, Mobi, Tongyu, Hongxin, etc. A group of high-tech national enterprises that mainly use communication antennas as export products can bid farewell to import and export customs clearance caused by inconsistent customs classification of countries (regions). With the increasing influence of China Customs in the field of international customs commodity classification, the road of international trade of Chinese national enterprises will also become smoother and smoother.

Antennas have a uniform classification in the international arena

It is understood that the communication antenna product refers to an antenna product dedicated to a communication device, including a base station antenna, a microwave antenna, and the like. Among them, the annual global trade volume of base station antennas exceeds US$3 billion, and it is increasing year by year. The annual global trade volume of microwave antennas is 300-400 million US dollars.

In recent years, reports from a number of authoritative industry analysts, including EJL Wireless Research and ABI, show that the global market share of antennas manufactured by Chinese manufacturers exceeds 50%. China has quietly led the development of the global antenna industry.

Communication antenna products are one of the superior products of overseas subsidiaries of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. In the process of international trade, Huawei antenna products do not have the classification code recognized by the world customs, and the customs of different countries (regions) have differences in classification. Therefore, in some countries (regions), customs declaration will encounter bottlenecks. Enterprises need to coordinate explanations one by one.

At the beginning of this year, Huawei Company came to the Shanghai Customs Classification Center to seek customs technical support. As the external brain organization of the General Administration of Customs in charge of electromechanical products, the Shanghai Customs Classification Sub-center has been professionally analyzed and analyzed that Huawei's antenna products should be classified under the “communication product parts” advocated by the company. The Shanghai Customs Classification Sub-center decided to report this issue to the World Customs Organization's Harmonized System Classification Technical Committee as a classification of Chinese customs, so that this product has a uniform classification attribute in the international scope, so that enterprises can export without worry.

In order to submit the product classification proposal as soon as possible and accurately, the customs experts of the Shanghai Customs Classification Sub-center, in coordination with the Customs Department of the General Administration of Customs, joined the Guangzhou Customs Classification Sub-center to rush to Huawei to conduct research on the classification of antenna products. In the case of products, the organization categorizes the backbone to complete the proposal in the shortest time and submit it to the World Customs Organization.

Through communication with the meeting secretary group of the World Customs Organization, the Customs also obtained the qualification for the company to participate in the 61st meeting of the Technical Committee for Harmonized System Classification held in March this year. After the meeting, the Shanghai Customs Classification Center continued to communicate with Huawei, supplementing the product information and submitting it to the World Customs Organization.

From September 13th to 28th, the 62nd meeting of the World Customs Organization's Harmonized System Classification Technical Committee was held. In the end, the World Customs Organization passed the recommendation of China Customs to confirm the classification code for the communication antenna, so that the communication antenna products have obtained the “passport” for international trade approved by the World Customs Organization. It is reported that in the next step, China Customs will also strive for "identity card" for communication antenna products on the basis of this, that is, set up a proprietary commodity code.

China's antenna industry is created by China to China

In November 2015, the US 7th Edition: Global BTS Antenna Market Analysis and Forecast, 2015-2019 report released by EJL Wireless Research LLC, the report shows: In 2014, the total purchase of global mobile communication base station antennas was 4.67 million pairs, and Chinese manufacturers shipped The total amount is 2.4 million, which is more than 50% of the total global purchase. The domestic antenna manufacturers Jingxin Communication, Huawei, Moby, Tongyu and Hongxin rank among the top 10 in the world, marking China's official emergence as a global mobile communication antenna output country.

中国通信天线产品获国际贸易“通行证” 引领全球天线产业发展

Base station antenna market share comparison in 2014-2016

In August 2017, ABI Research, an authoritative industry analyst, released the 2017 Global Base Station Antenna Research Report, “Tianjin Modernization, Leading the Evolution of Mobile Broadband Networks.” The report analyzes the evolution of base station antennas and the market performance of antenna manufacturers. A comprehensive assessment of technological innovation and the ability to transform results has been carried out. According to the ABI report, since 2014, the global base station antenna market has quietly changed, and antenna manufacturers are more likely to provide global solutions and services. In 2016, the world's top three antenna manufacturers accounted for 67.8% of the global market share. Among them, Huawei 31.6%, Catherine 21.0%, and CommScope 15.2%. At the same time, the report revealed that since 2015, Huawei's antenna market share has ranked first in the world for two consecutive years.

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