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2018 - 10 - 17
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The Internet of Things is a product-oriented system that encompasses all systems between substances and substances in all fields. It is applicable to the comprehensive product Internet of things of va...

The development strategy of the Internet of Things

Release date: 2018-10-17

The Internet of Things is a product-oriented system that encompasses all systems between substances and substances in all fields. It is applicable to the comprehensive product Internet of things of various natures of businesses within the global internal region.

Although there is only one word difference between the Internet of Things and the Internet, the meanings covered therein are far from each other. Everyone should be familiar with the Internet! The Internet also has a name: Internet, which refers to a large network system that is connected between the network and the network. It is an international network similar to the spider network category formed by a certain group of sharing protocols. The Internet of Things is a new component that is upgraded across the basic version of the Internet. It is also an important part of information intelligence. As the name implies, the Internet of Things is based on things, including substances and substances in all fields. All systems are applicable to the integrated product Internet of Things of their own resources of various natures within the global internal region. At present, most countries in the world have launched their own internal IoT long-term development strategy. For example, Singapore, the country known for its wisdom, is the most prominent. The Internet of Things has entered a growth stage since 2009. After a long period of steady development in recent years, the Internet of Things has been in a period of development.


Internet of Things

The earliest use of the Internet of Things was the network-based cola vending machine made by Xerox. Nowadays, it is the “father of the Internet of Things”. Kevin Ashton also created the term IoT in 1999 and implemented information. Intelligent integration with network integration.

The Internet of Things has two meanings:

FIRST,The Internet of Things is still based on the Internet as the main core and basic aspects, and is expanded and extended on the basis of the Internet;

Second, expand the grassroots strategy of the consumer client, push the information exchange and communication between the substance and the substance, simply state: the object is figured out!


Strategic development period of the Internet of Things

First, smart technology home

Intelligent technology home is one of the industries with good development trend in the field of IoT technology. Since the development trend of the smart home market is more obvious, all kinds of home furnishing brands are now involved in the research and development of smart home, the first smart home. The house of the future "House of the Future" (Bill Gates' smart house), this big cake also attracted business leaders from all over the world to scramble to attack the field. Now everything is intelligent, can be combined with voice recognition system, image recognition system and smart home. At present, smart homes are also emerging, but only mobile phones or remote control, voice face technology is still in development.


Second, artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now the most promising area. Intelligent unmanned vehicles and intelligent robots are in the growth stage. The artificial intelligence of Google’s enterprises has also been fiercely confronted with Li Jiu, thus creating a climax hot topic. . Now all areas to be developed believe that artificial intelligence will be the priority in the future. If we follow this trend, this era, this society will become a world of artificial intelligence and will always be artificial intelligence. The product is permanently surrounded.

There are more and more wealthy people in developed countries. The first occupation is a kind of foresight. Everything in the world changes rapidly. In addition to the above two points: the development direction of smart cities and smart medical terminals, the Internet of Things will far surpass the Internet in the future!

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